Sliding Partitions

Sliding partitions are convenient in use, they is modern look and perfectly divide house space, carrying out functions of doors. That the premise was light, for natural illumination a partition equip with glasses. Thus the buyer can choose from a considerable quantity of glasses - they can be matte, smoky or transparent.

Sliding partitions help to save premise space that is especially important, for example, in the conditions of one-room apartment. By means of partitions it is possible to make an additional room, for example, small children's, or the separate wardrobe.

Besides, sliding partitions are irreplaceable in museum premises where they limit access to valuable exhibits, leaving thus a sufficient corner of the review of spectators.

Partitions can be used also for overlapping of access to those or other parts of a building or a premise. Besides, this subject of an interior is capable to divide one spacious hall or the big room on two parts in the event that carrying out of two separate actions is planned. In houses and apartments often divide a drawing room and kitchen. Mobile partitions become the ideal decision of this question. With their help the uniform premise quickly becomes double and also quickly if necessary again to turn to a single whole that cannot be reached in case of premise re-planning.

To partition off space of the various sizes it is possible by means of several types of sliding designs. Sliding partitions are made on analogue of an accordion and equipped top ceiling directing on which «accordion» moves. The second type of sliding partitions «Sliders» are called - they move in one or two parties, instead of develop. «Sliders» have from two to six sections of the small spaces intended for overlapping, therefore are an ideal variant for apartments or small working premises.